Top 5 reasons to submit a proposal for the 2019 #highered Analytics Conference by Nov 28, 2018

November 8th, 2018 Karine Joly No Comments

Looking for great presentations for the 2019 Higher Ed Analytics Conference (Feb 13, 2019)

Welcoming hundreds of participants from more than 70 different institutions based in the US, Canada and New Zealand last February, the 6th edition of the Higher Ed Analytics Conference was a big hit earlier this year.

This online conference focusing only on digital (digital as in web, mobile, email & social media) analytics for higher education is going to be back early next year for its 7th edition on February 13, 2019 – and I need YOUR help to make it as good as (or even better than) its previous editions with your conference proposals!

Why present at the 2019 Higher Ed Analytics Conference (#HEA18)?

There are many reasons to present at this unique conference in higher education, but let me give you what I think are the top 5 reasons:

  1. this higher ed marketing conference is the only conference focusing entirely on digital analytics in higher education, so you get to connect and interact with higher ed professionals facing similar analytics and measurement challenges. Analytics skills are in high demand in higher ed, so there’s no better way to showcase your know-how to the industry and to your current or future boss.
  2. it’s composed of 10-minute sessions, so – as a presenter and a busy professional – you can focus on the core of your topic (the golden nuggets!) and deliver an A-game presentation with the need for extra fluff! We know you’re busy 🙂
  3. it’s an opportunity to present among the top voices in the higher ed analytics professional (small but mighty!) community
  4. it’s a great way to get noticed by other conference organizers interested in analytics, data-driven marketing or social media return on investment (even if you’ve never presented before at industry events) as many past presenters ended up in the speaker line-ups of other industry events after presenting at this conference. Erin Supinka who won the coveted “Best of Conference” Award at the 2018 High Ed Web Conference said in an article published in August that her participation in the HEA18 Conference played an important role in helping craft her award-winning presentation
  5. it doesn’t require a budget to present AND will even help you save some professional development money, because there is no need to travel AND presenters receive a free pass to attend the whole event WITH their team.

2019 Higher Ed Analytics Conference

So, do you want to help advance digital analytics practice in higher education?

Make sure you share your analytics expertise and experience by submitting your presentation proposal for the 2019 Higher Ed Analytics Conference.

Please submit your proposal ASAP as I will start to review them as soon as they come in.

The deadline to submit is Nov 28, 2018, but if you submit early, I get a chance to ask any questions I might have… and as a result it gives your proposal a better chance to be selected 🙂

And, it really pays to present. All selected presenters will get one free online pass worth $400 to attend the conference with their team.

The Nov 28 deadline to submit a proposal is a hard deadline – it won’t be postponed, because the conference program will be announced on December 5, 2018. Whether or not your proposal is accepted, you will get notified super fast.

Not ready to present, but want to attend the conference?

We will have a limited number of seats at the early bird price as the online room is capped.

You can register now and secure your seat via credit card

Got questions about the Conference?

I love questions! Just post your question(s) below or you can also email