How to Access Google Analytics Benchmarking Reports for your #highered Website [VIDEO]

October 1st, 2014 Karine Joly 3 Comments

A Higher Ed Web Analyst’s Dream Come True: Google Analytics Benchmarking Reports!

Earlier this month, Google Analytics introduced on its blog a new set of 3 benchmarking reports (Channels, Devices & Location) for 1,600 industry verticals – including a vertical of its own for all Colleges & Universities web properties (yes, it’s ok to jump, shout and sing, my Analytics friend – that’s exactly what I did when I first find out).

4 years ago with Shelby Thayer’s help, I ran a 1-year benchmarking web analytics project relying on the good will of the higher ed community members to self-report every month their data for 12 common metrics.

It was herculean work, but gave us some insights into where higher ed websites were standing.

Back in January on this blog, C. Daniel Chase from the University of Tennessee at Chatanooga even said that the cross-institutional sharing of data would be the next big thing in 2014. Well, Dan, Congrats! Google Analytics made your prediction come true!

Benchmarking is second nature in higher education. As a pretty homogenous yet sizeable industry, we always love to share what works and what doesn’t with our set of multiple (but similar) target audiences — and make sure we keep up with the rest of the pack.

Watch this 4-minute screencast to learn how to access your Google Analytics Benchmarking Reports

It’s pretty easy to set and access these reports, just watch the screencast I prepared for you.

Please note that you will need to enable your Google Analytics account for benchmarking first (so it shares benchmarking data) in order to access these reports.

Interested in the big picture?

I’ve compiled an industry-wide report using the benchmarked data from Google Analytics.

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