Web Analytics Solutions for #highered: Use Shortcuts in Google Analytics

October 17th, 2012 Joshua Dodson No Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog about How to Find Out Where to Invest Your Money & Time to Meet Your Goals where I also showed you how to create a pivot table inside of Google Analytics.

After you create a useful pivot table (or another report), you can add it to the new Shortcuts menu in Google Analytics for quick access. To do this, select Shortcut in the horizontal menu below the report name.

Shortcuts in Google Analytics

Create Shortcuts in Google Analytics

Once you give it a name and click “OK,” it will be added to your Home tab for quick access.

Google Analytics Shortcuts

If you have any Advanced Segments applied when you save the shortcut, this will also save your setting so that when you click the report, you can go directly to the Pivot Table you created with the Advanced Segment applied.

This new feature is very helpful for quickly accessing frequently used reports for which you usually apply a report filter or Advanced Segment. Since Shortcuts will remember your settings, it can save you time and provide you with useful data.

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